WeatherFlow API Demo Script in PHP
(Another donateWare script from MRE Software)


My old weather station doesn't have any solar sensors for UV Index, Luminance, or Irradiance but my neighbor recently installed a WeatherFlow Tempest station that does.  With her permission I am accessing the solar values from her station and displaying them on my weather site.  I decided to publish the PHP script below that I am using to accomplish this task.  It was written specifically to access the solar data but should serve as a template for anyone wanting to access the API and pull any observation data.  For more information about the WeatherFlow API and how to obtain an access token click this link:

This script returns a Javascript document.write() statement containing the value requested.  Example usage in html page: <script type="text/javascript" src="UV_js.php?val=lum"></script>


If you find this code of value, donate a little to the cause.  Think of the time you just saved!

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