MRE Software mht to html Converter
Upload Page

This page demonstrates the MRE Software mht to html file converter script.  It accepts an upload of any valid Microsoft Word 2016 generated .mht file and returns a .zip archive file of the parsed results.  This is not done over a secure connection nor are any special security measures employed so do not upload any privacy sensitive files.  This is intended as a free web service and as a demo page for our upload and conversion code available from this page.

(1.) Create and edit your web page in Microsoft Word 2016.  If the mht is not a Word 2016 file don't waste your time uploading it. The conversion will fail.
(2.) Save the file as an .mht file using Word's "Save As" feature.  The mht format is a single file web page.
(3.) Use the Browse button below to locate the file on your local computer.
(4.) Press the Upload File button and wait.  These files can be very large and may take several minutes to upload.
      After the upload it takes several seconds to process the file.  You will eventually receive a message indicating success or failure.

If the upload fails, check your file as it must be a valid .mht file.
Hit the back button on your browser to reload this page and try again.

Upon a successful upload, a server script will process the file into its component parts then take the extracted files and turn them into a zip file.  A results page will appear and provide a link to download the zip file.  It will be named

Select your local .mht file to upload:

A good tip for reducing file size and making your web page display faster is to reduce the size and resolution of any photos before you insert them into your Word document.  The recommended resolution for web images is 72 dpi.