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     Many years ago I found a capable RSS feed reader - html web aggregator at a free price.  It was copyright Ovi Crisan @ www.2RSS.com and called rsslib.php.  I used this reader on many websites in conjunction with an ATOM parser class from www.chirp.com.au   Over the years I patched and modified both of these scripts to suit my needs and thank both authors for making them open source.  I also acknowledge them here because my script uses identical file names and was in fact written to be a near "drop in" replacement for the 2RSS reader.  The similarity stops there however, the code inside my scripts is entirely new and not based on either of these readers.

     In an effort to clean up and optimize my websites I started looking around for a fresh XML feed reader and discovered the PHP 5 DOMDocument class along with a few examples of its use scattered around the web.  I hacked together some basic code and started playing around with it.  In a short time I found that I had written a feed reader of my own that was small, fast, and efficient.  Since my web pages and news tickers were already using the old 2RSS file and parameter names, I kept them for the new reader so that I could basically drop in new PHP code and the existing pages would keep seamlessly displaying the feeds.  I also added some new capabilities like date sorting and caching the generated html instead of the raw XML code.  My reader also automatically reads both rss and atom feeds so only one reader is required.


Barking Points and the news reader Demo => 

  • Uses DOMDocument library and requires PHP 5 or later.

  • Parses both rss and atom feeds automatically.*

  • Uses HTML caching for speed and efficiency.

  • Cache time is controllable via the url parameters.

  • Sorts by date newest first.  Also an option on the url.

  • Converts relative to absolute links if needed in many feeds.

  • Supports css class definitions for formatting the html output.

  • Supports both plain description and content:encoded on rss feeds.

  • Supports media:content images and thumbnails.

  • Includes support for the MRE Typing Ticker.

  • Near drop in replacement for old 2RSS reader.

*The MRE Feed Reader is designed for efficient parsing of basic rss and atom feeds.  No claim is made to support all aspects of these feed format specifications.  It is intended to work well as a general purpose website backbone parser.

To see this script in action with multiple feeds check out one of my news pages by clicking here.

The documentation for this script appears below.  Check it out then to download a complete package of files for the MRE Feed Reader
This is a work in progress.  Check back for updated versions and please report any bugs. 


If you find this code of value, donate a little to the cause.  Think of the time you just saved!


If you find this code of value, donate a little to the cause.  Think of the time you just saved!

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