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This page documents some PHP scripts I have written to work with the New Weather Underground API.  Specifically, the scripts consist of a base script which contains functions to access the API, a user data include script that contains the user api key & settings, and several scripts to call the functions.  At the time of this writing the scripts will access the conditions, forecast, or a combined conditions&forecast.  I have also included a brief documentation file that outlines how to install and use the scripts.  The documentation is displayed on this page.

Some notable features:
  • NWS Reader ScrptThe main scripts will access the API by postal code.
  • Specific weather stations can be associated with postal codes for observed weather conditions.
  • The scripts can output a full web page OR output a JavaScript document.write () statement which can be used within an html page.
  • The script supports the full 5 day Weather Underground forecasts.
  • A cache file is used to minimize API accesses.  Using the cache greatly reduces accesses.
  • The scripts include multiple icon sets for the forecast icons.
  • The scripts support CSS.  The user specifies the css prefix and the returned html code contains class definitions.
  • The scripts include a Weather Underground/ IBM logo.  The logo can be resized, turned off, or replaced by the user.
  • The scripts include an API driven weather sticker gadget that uses no Flash or JavaScript.  Customize it!
  • The script uses cURL for http accesses and will work on almost all PHP configurations.
  • Output can be either English or Metric units.  F temp., in/Hg baro, inch rain, mph wind -or- C temp, mb baro, mm rain, km/h wind.
  • Sun/Moon rise/set times and icons can be switched on or off in the forecast.
  • The code is extensively commented and can be modified by any competent PHP programmer.
  • Now shows a link to National Weather Service alerts for US zip codes if an alert is detected.
  • The new scripts are fairly compatible with my older WU API scripts.  Install these scripts then place an uppercase N in front of the calling script names on your web pages.  This new version only supports postal codes and provides a 5 day forecast.  Some things in the old API were removed from the new API such as weather alerts, UV index, barometer trend, and weather condition text (Windy, Cloudy, etc.).  With this version alerts for US zip codes have been restored using an NWS search.  Icons are now hosted locally on your server and I have included many sets.  Two icon sets are derived from the old API styles with one for light and one for dark backgrounds.  The other sets consists of stock icons offered by IBM as well as variations on them and Weather Underground inspired designs.  Astute users can now easily create their own icon set.  The IBM Cloud servers and the local icons make the new API run a bit faster.  The new API also supports many languages and postal codes.  The full IBM Cloud documentation for it is here: CLICK
  • The free API key is only available to Weather Underground active weather station owners/uploaders.  Get yours while they last!
The script requires PHP >= 5.3 be installed on your server.  It also requires you have a valid Weather Underground API key.


The inline frame below is displaying the output from the combined conditions and forecast script.
  You can also see this running live on my weather station site.  Conditions: logo=on, Alerts=off --- Forecast: logo=off, icons=on.
Please note that you can display just conditions, just the forecast, or a combination using these scripts.
Note: Lately the WU API pws lookup has been returning bad results.  If the demo doesn't return the conditions it is due to this bad data.
When using this script for your personal station you can specify your station ID for your zip code and bypass this lookup.

Try it out by entering your own US postal code.  This demo only supports US codes. The script supports many countries.
Type a US 5 digit postal code in the box and press Go.       

Where's the beef?  ---  How to get the code...


I offer most of the code on this site free and allow it to be downloaded directly from the site.  All I ask for in return is an unspecified small donation.  The problem is, I get lots of downloads but very few donations.  I put a lot of time into developing this API code so I am using a different method for delivering it to the public.  For a PayPal donation of just $10.00, which is a processing fee, I will email you the code and documentation as a zip file attachment. 

NEW POLICY!  The code for this script can now be freely downloaded.  If you use this script please do consider a donation.
To download a complete package of files for the New WU API script

This cool, API powered weather sticker gadget that uses no Flash or JavaScript.


Questions / Comments?  Email me.

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