WAN IP Posting VBScript
(Another donateWare script from MRE Software)


     If you are running a webcam or other server on a home computer that needs to be accessed from the Internet but you don't have a static IP address then you must keep any links to the server that appear on your website updated.  One method to do this is by subscribing to a dynamic dns service.  Another method is to use software on your local system that checks your WAN IP address and updates your web page via FTP.

     The vbscript below will do the job silently by running as a process of the Windows Script Host on any WindowsXP or later system.  I wrote this script using a lot of help from others on the Internet and have referenced their work within the script.  A downloadable .zip file is linked below the script window that includes a complete package of files and instructions of how to use this.




To download a complete package of files including the readme.txt and bonus scripts

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